the best update ever

I have to share this happiness or I think I’ll bust.

On Friday I had one of my clients here for an all-day meeting.  Was a little difficult to keep my head here at work while my heart was over at the SeaTac airport baggage claim, but I made a valiant effort.  I pretty much ran out of here at 3:40 or so, praying that I’d make the 4:35 ferry over to Seattle. 

I think things could have become violent if I didn’t make that boat — luckily, no one had to get hurt.  🙂

Made it to Seattle, where, of course, there was a baseball game at the Safe, so traffic was wicked crazy.  I thought I’d never get there.  I arrived at the airport a little after six, where Justin had been waiting since 4:30.  Poor guy.  As I drove into the parking garage, hands shaking and heart pounding, I said a quick prayer to God thanking him that this day had finally arrived, and for even bringing J into my life in the first place.

I had been told that he’d be waiting at Baggage Claim 10.  Walked as quickly as I could into the airport while trying to not be conspicuous (although the rose I was carrying probably gave me away somewhat).  All the way down the escalator into Baggage Claim, I was looking for 10.  I happened to be craning to look in the wrong direction, and Justin watched me looking the wrong way for him all the way down.  I turned, and there he was.  Big dorky smiles on both our faces.

He walked to me as soon as he could get to me, and then — I was in his arms.  He held me there for a few.  Lips met, and then, some words were spoken that he’d been waiting to say and I’d been longing to hear.

Not a bad moment, as far as moments go.

Not a bad beginning to a first date, either.

From friendship to love.  We have the craziest, most beautiful story ever.  I love it.  Was kind of fun telling people I was off to the airport to pick up my boyfriend and see him for the first time in, oh, I dunno, SIX YEARS.  Good times.

The rest of the weekend was awesome — telling more stories (the really important ones that you only tell in person), laughing til I couldn’t breathe, going out to dinner and still not really being able to eat anything, watching movies, having dinner with my crazy (!) parents, walking down on my beach at sunset, hanging out with a few of my dear friends, going to Starbucks, showing him all my Mississippi photos, getting into a wrestling match that I promptly lost, lying out on my lawn in the sunshine, going to church together, getting told approximately every five minutes how beautiful he thinks I am, holding hands as much as possible… yeah.  Five million ordinary things made magic by the fact that he was there.  Absolutely magic.

My most favorite weekend.  Ever.  I thought I couldn’t possibly care for him more than I already did, or that I could be more certain of what I wanted — but this weekend proved me so very wrong.  Each day gets better, and I’m enjoying every step we take, knowing that there is a very lovely future ahead.

Love ya, J.  Thanks for making life so sweet. 

13 thoughts on “the best update ever”

  1. Funny how you can go from feeling like there is not much to put into type going on in your life and then all of a sudden, there is too much to even put into words.

    Your perma-smile is echoed on my face.

    J – thanks for loving this most precious friend of mine in a way that is so right.

  2. I was on the edge of my seat as you ran us through the airport! My heart was pounding and a nerdy smile on my face in my office at work. A student walked in and asked what I was reading and I didn’t have the heart to explain what a dork I am! I’m so excited for you!

  3. YaY! Heya Julie! I cherish this girl and I’m the lucky one here! I had no idea there was a love such as this. She’s so amazing and beautiful… and amazing… and amazingly beautiful. Yea – I’ve got it bad. 🙂

  4. Oh crap – I totally forgot about that. Thanks for warning me in ADVANCE, Myles… Well, it’s too late to do anything about it now. Unless – well, there’s an off chance that I might be able to kill Stacey’s cooties by getting more of Stacey’s cooties. They’ll develop a society and naturally, competition will take place. In the end, an all out war will occur. With any luck, they’ll kill each other off. This could take a lifetime, but it’s worth it.

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